Bhakti – 2000

Bhakti1. Caravan
2. Rosalinda
3. I Am Your Soul
4. Sometimes They Sing
5. O Holy One
6. Wake Up
7. The Beast
8. Rasa
9. The River
10. Holy House Mix
11. Sweeter Than Honey
12. The Veil
13. World Without Churches

Released: 2000

Editorial Reviews:

Takes the listener on a journey of heart and spirit that is engaging and transformative… #1 vocal release of 2000! — Backroads Music December 2001

has created a modern, energetic and deeply passionate musical interpretation of her own devotional exploration and spiritual evolution. — Napra Review March 2001

sings of wild places deep in the soul… evocative voice draws listeners in while dynamic world-beat grooves drive the songs. — New Age Retailer March 2001

the longer I listened, the more I liked it and kept going back to play it again. — New Age Voice March 2001

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