Greetings wild and wise ones,

As many of you know, I have been on a much needed sabbatical which is just about over.  I had hit levels of fatigue from teaching and traveling and working non-stop for years and realized that I needed to break my own addiction to glorifying busyness.  I spent much of the winter simplifying, connecting with deep nature and facing myself in some very intense ways.  It has been a wild ride…at times deeply challenging, at times so sublime that I have no words, alternately boring and powerful…but all in all deeply healing.  There were many moments when my self critic reared up and beat me up for not “doing” more…more creating, more healing, more learning etc. and each time I tried to laugh and breathe into the “nothingness” of my being.  It is so easy for us to get caught up in the competitive mind and to turn that mind to focus even on our spiritual goals and intentions.  I had to let go of it all to see what emerged as TRUTH for me…even if that is quite different than it has been before.  It turns out that one of my most foundational truths is that I am more interested in connection than I am in productivity.  What a surprise!

I feel infinitely better and so grateful for this time and am very curious to see how this new me will interact with the world.  Speaking of that world, of course during this time I was also acutely aware of the devastating effects of the election and current insanity of the new administration.  The events that have and still are unfolding has strengthened my belief in the sanctity of all life and my own dedication to the actions that are most uniquely mine to make.  As I said in an earlier newsletter:

“All the work that we have done, all the rituals, all the healing, all the growing up and being awake, all the difficult conversations, all the community building, all the finding of our voices and our ability to listen well – these are the practices that we must now boldly employ and inspire.  I will keep showing up and working to bring about a world of social, environmental and economic justice.  A world of connection beyond all borders.  A world that is safe for all children.  A world where all are included and loved.  I am strong.  My adversities have made me resilient and there is much work to do.”

So, as I begin my re-entry integration process, I urge you to take exquisite care of yourself, face your own hidden demons (habits of thought and action) and move forward with the potency of your own (uniquely yours) superpowers blazing. 

May your work be the work that connects, educates, includes and ignites! 


Just a wee peek at the world I’ve been inhabiting: Enjoy!