Greetings Wise Ones, Adventurers, Queens, Rebels and other Fiery Humans,

What a time to be alive…time and information speeding all of us into new (and frankly weird) trajectories (so hard to unplug!)….the intense political divisiveness illuminating the previously unexpressed shadows of our nation…the connection-building but also narcissistic social media platforms that we feel we must engage in AT ALL TIMES….the explosion of healthy, embodied and profoundly transformative practices that are now available to us in unprecedented numbers….and the heat is rising.  Whew! 

The effect of all of this on me is a renewed commitment to my own work and also (perhaps paradoxically) a deep need to slow down and listen for what is underneath the cacophony.  How do systems change?  By individuals taking responsibility for their own healing journey, by those individuals then very intelligently standing up against destructive practices….or creating indisputably sexy alternative solutions…or stepping into positions of power and/or service with strength AND humility….or (and this seems so very important) by creating meaningful collective experiences that remind us of the sacred connectedness of all beings.  Some of us decide to work on all of these levels simultaneously…but whatever your choices, please know that we need all the love, wildness, beauty and sheer presence that you can muster.  We all need all that you have to offer…don’t be shy…bring it on.  And when/if you feel overwhelmed or tired, understand that your rest is crucial too.  Set the reset button and change from the inside out….then sing your unique and glorious songs!

This summer has been magical for me…work and travels taking me from Istanbul to Crete, to the woods of Mendocino, to the fjords of Iceland, to Buddhist temples in Colorado, to some deep inner realms and now to the Pacific Northwest.  Next up for September:   The 3 day  Sukhava Bodhe Festival just outside of Chicago, then a weekend Sing Yourself Awake Workship on the gorgeous Salt Spring Island in BC Canada, then to LA for Voice of Change in Ashley Turners Yoga and Psychology Teacher Training, onto Portland for weekend 7 of our yearlong Priestess Apprenticeship in Sacred Leadership (PASL)…next training starts in November in the Bay Area, then onto the always amazing Symbiosis Festival where I will be teaching Voice of Change and also Awakening the Serpent. 


In October I will be in LA for Yogaworks Teacher Training, Portland for PASL, Atlanta for an OTM Yoga, Purpose and Action Intensive and Aspen Colorado for an event to benefit Aspen Yoga Association and other non-profits. 

I will be launching another 6 week Voice of Change Online Course very soon and early 2017 will announce the launch of Voice of Change 6 month Immersion (both online and in person).  SO Thrilled about that….stay tuned. 

Love all that wildness in you.