Happy Equinox to you.  Spring is blooming and we are ready to feel the sun on our skin again.  
Have you been able to walk outside and smell the lilacs and the jasmine?  Have you felt the quickening toward hope and aliveness and perhaps a glimpse of the ways that we might come back together?  
There has been so much isolation, grief, loss and pain.  There has been so much fear and compromise.  And we are just now feeling the impact of that on our bodies, hearts and communities.  
The work of healing can begin and deepen now.  And it will take all of us to remember that it is crucial for our health and wellbeing to be together.  It is necessary magic for us to dance, sing and celebrate together.  Now more than ever, we need to stand with those who experienced loss, violence, silencing or desolation in the pandemic.  
I am fully and more than ever dedicated to this work of collective joy.  I will begin by continuing to offer ways for us to connect online and also by slowly offering in person events and gatherings.  Be well! ~ SS