WLVT 2014

I Wish I Could Speak Like Music

 I wish I could speak like music.

I wish I could put the swaying splendor

of the fields into words

So that you could hold Truth

Against your body

And dance.

I am trying the best I can

With this crude brush, the tongue,

To cover you with light.

I wish I could speak like divine music.

I want to give you the sublime rhythms

of this earth and the sky’s limbs

As they joyously spin and surrender


Against God’s luminous breath.

Hafiz wants you to hold me

Against your precious


And dance,




Midsummer Greetings to all…

And what a summer it is BEING and BECOMING!  So many epic and transformative moments…from in depth intensives, to wild ecstatic prayer moments of song, to the liberating sweat of humans breathing and changing from the inside out….from wild deserts to deep forests to vivid cities to numerous mountaintops…it has been a wild and wondrous ride with the awakening community.  This summer has brought me from Ecuador to  Seattle, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Vermont, New York, Mendocino, Indiana, Vancouver, and Lake Tahoe.  And more to come…

How incredibly lucky are we to have the luxury of doing the work that connects?  And how will we use this wild wisdom to further our service to the world?  Now when the world needs us most, is the time to take responsibility for our wounds and the stories that keep us silent and invisible, and take the risk to be seen and heard.  Take the risk to do the unthinkable and the “impossible”.  I am forever reminded of the “statistical impossibility” of the slave revolution in Haiti….the very revolution that freed all the slaves in Haiti as well as the slaves in France…and set the precedent for many other revolutions as well.  What was at the heart of that movement?  Magic….the world of spirit that is beyond the five senses!!!

So can we…all of us who will walk through this time of intensity and either destroy the gifts of our world or leave a very different legacy for our descendants…can we wake up and speak up now???  Let’s see…


What is up this month?  Just back from Wanderlust Whistler (amazing fun) and Off The Mat’s Minneapolis Intensive (powerful).  Next up will be Pranafest in Jackson Falls Oregon where I will be leading ritual for the Opening Ceremony, offering Rise Up classes and full band Kirtan on Sat night.  Then onto Burning Man, the Fall Semester of our year long Priestessing Apprenticeship in Sacred Leadership, Concert and Workshop at the Globe Sound Healing Conference and much more.

Also – very excited to announce my participation in Everyday Sorcery for Urban Mystics…Mark Morford (yoga teacher, modern mystic, explorer of the realms, masterful weaver of words and more) is offering 5 days of mystical practices in yogic and shamanic traditions!  I will be offering a module on Creating Rituals that Matter.  See below for deets!

much love to all