In an incorruptible body is descending to earth.
In the unfading light of the new goddess,
Heaven has become one with the deeps.

-Vladimir Solovyov

Well we made it, yes we did, to 2013 and so far the world is still intact:) That being said, we can take this opportunity to wield the sword of discrimination and cut through old illusions, habits, and outmoded ways of being. We can use the momentum of this time to make some powerful shifts and not only dream, but actually manifest what was previously thought of as impossible. One of the most profound shifts that I am noticing is the rising up of the voice of the feminine…in India where thousands are protesting the lack of protection for women (in response to a fatal rape in Delhi), in the global outcry against the Taliban for shooting 14 year old female education advocate Malala Yousafzai on her way to school , in redoubled efforts to revive the Violence Against Women Act that was recently gutted by the Republican led House, in Ohio where a young girl’s rape was broadcast on social media and those who filmed but did nothing to stop it are now part of the case, in the growing awareness of the global sex trafficking trade (third largest criminal industry after drugs and arms trafficking)…everywhere we turn we see more reporting of the human rights abuses against women and a general public outcry from people all over the world.

It is time…it is time for women and men to stand up and speak out in support of safety, well being and empowerment for women and girls. It is time for women to take up more public office (where are the most women in public office? Uganda!!) It is time for women to let our voices be heard and to invoke the power of our Divine Feminine Archetypes. Innanna, Sophia, Kali, Brigid, Freya, Diana…may the Divine Feminine infuse our global future with fierce compassion and bright blessings!

Speaking of which, I am proud to announce that OTM’s Seva Challenge reached our goal of raising over 1 million dollars to support organizations that are rescuing, rehabilitating and empowering sex trafficking victims in India. Seane Corn and myself will be leading the top fundraisers on our Bare Witness Humanitarian Tour to India in February to support and learn about their incredible work changing lives. I am truly inspired by the OTM community and their willingness to take their yoga into action in the world and this is just one example of manifesting the impossible!

So this month I will be keeping the home fire burning as I prepare myself and the participants for our journey AND as we launch Seva Amazon – our Seva Challenge for 2013 which will uncover and investigate the most profound challenges to protecting the Amazon rainforest and upholding the rights of its people. We will support partners in Ecuador who are strongly defending rainforest ecosystems, standing for environmental justice, and reclaiming indigenous rights. If you are interested in joining, please visit and signup!

I look forward to all of it…