“Much about good people moves me to disgust, and it is not their evil I mean. How I wish they possessed a madness through which they could perish, like this pale criminal.  Truly I wish their madness were called truth or loyalty or justice; but they possess their virtue in order to live long and in a miserable ease.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

“If you don’t break your ropes while you’re alive
do you think ghosts will do it after?

~ Kabir

Greetings to you and your holy madness,

Yet even more interesting times are upon us….with the polarities of the political climate mirroring the intensity and need for us to wake up to, feel, understand, move, embrace, dance with and SEE the shadow of our own beings….or face the consequences of what happens when we don’t take responsibility for the world in which we live.  I will not stand for lies, assault, tyranny or the degradation of humans/animals/the earth….yet I am also aware of the ways that I am tyrannical toward myself, the ways that I lie to myself, blame others and try to avoid the difficult spiritual work of knowing and expressing the full spectrum of my human self.  

The irony is that the more authentic I can become, the more I embrace all the hidden parts of myself, the more a balanced, strong and true spiritual life can emerge.  I am not seeking an enlightenment that separates me from a world that I must “transcend” but one that brings the light of awareness to the darkest corners of my psyche so that I may heal the cycles of violence (toward self or other) that I have inherited.  This is the opportunity of this challenging time.  

As the hidden shadow rises up we are invited to stand in our strength, clarity and fierce love for the healing of cultural wounds and the awakening of mind and heart for all beings. My prayers are that this dark moment is a profound portal for actions that protect the earth and her beings, and deepen our creative evolutionary superpowers.  My prayer is that we use our hard won voices and speak up and out and VOTE!!!

So…that being said, I am offering once again my 6-week online Voice of Change training to assist in that healing and that bold choice.  The course begins November 2nd and is a journey into Finding your Voice and Living your Truth.  This is a powerful opportunity to do some deep, scary and empowering work and I invite you to join me with all of your parts.  

Also coming up:  Yoga, Purpose and Action Intensive in Atlanta with the Off The Mat, Into the World team, OTM and Voice of Change at a weeklong event in Aspen called Lead with Love,  the final two weekends of our yearlong Priestess Apprenticeship in Sacred Leadership (PASL) in Portland and a new one starting in the Bay Area Nov. 12/13.  Also – in November I will be teaching at Yogaworks Teacher Trainings and in Sianna Sherman’s Rasa Yoga Teacher Training, as well as offering a Kirtan with Masood Ali Khan in Portland.  Finally, in December OTM’s last event of the year is our annual Social Justice Training which is moving to the Pacifica University campus.  

Finally – My dear friend and colleague Ravyn Stanfield has written an incredible book bridging the healing arts and medicine with spirituality and I want you to read it. Called Revolution of the Spirit, it is filled with inspiration, calls to action (dares), investigative exercises and interviews with folks (including me!) that are deep in the field. 

big love and wild passion,