I always knew I would end up here
the clearing in the woods
the decision point
where so much pain leads me to surrender to something
much larger than myself, my ego or my mind
there is nothing outside me that will make me feel better
there is only this upwelling

the sword of Spirit
the hand of the Holy One.
my allies standing sentry
cheering me on as I stumble into the open
scratched, bloody, thirsty but still alive
Deep self meets me here
she wears a red dress
I stare into her eyes and remember
who I really am and what I have to offer
a wild, wise woman with superhero strengths
a lonely wounded child angry and powerful
a thousand year old crone seeing speaking truth
and a liquid laughing creature
who sings in the woods for her own enjoyment

Full newsletter for January 2015

Greetings and Happy (Gregorian) New Year,

After and beautiful and intense holiday I am ready to start the new year with a sense of letting go of some old deep patterns and a tender surrender to the unknown.  As I drop into the wisdom of my years, I call on all my Allies to hold me to the fire of trust. Trust in the greater picture that I cannot see and trust in the lessons as they arise.

The collective shadow is very strong right now…visceral in the ways that our individual shadows are rising up in order to be felt and consciously released.  The possibility of living in liberation is also stronger than ever and my promise for this year is to share my vulnerability and my strength…my own pathways, breakthroughs and open hearted poetry.  It used to frighten me to do so…but now I see that the revealing of my imperfect self gives permission for a conversation about true growth and evolution.  And so I hold myself and all of us in the haunting song of the soul…may we turn each other away from judgement and toward clarity with fierce forgiveness!

This month I am in La Jolla and LA teaching and recording some new material.  At the end of the month I travel to New Zealand and Australia for two Wanderlust Festivals (lots of classes and a Voice of Change Speakeasy), two OTM NZ/AUS Intensive workshops (co-taught with Kerri Kelly) and some other workshops as well. I am very excited to be returning to Australia after 10 years.  I have a deep fondness for the people as well as a fascination with the tradition of songlines. I hope to find time to drop deep into the medicine of the magic that lives in the land there.  After my return, I will be participating in the MUSE Conference in Bend Oregon…facilitating a movement of girls and women rising up into full vocal power and freedom!