“Abba, Father, we thank you for your presence among us.

Gaia, Mother Earth, we thank you for sustaining us as we go out to do the work our faith calls us to do.

We celebrate all the family of creation, heaven and earth, as one seamless garment, of which we, too, are an integral part.

We celebrate the soils, which nurture the food for our bodies. We celebrate the seas, the air, the forests and mountains, which nurture our souls.

IMG_9685As a part of all creation, we too have a nurturing role to play.

We have been blessed with the ability to choose our role.

Now in community, we dedicate ourselves to choosing wisely.

Together with the Holy Spirit, we will choose life, that we and our children might live.

May the Holy Spirit guide us as we seek to heal and to nurture the earth and all of its creatures, to live in the midst of creation, and to love one another as brothers and sisters with all life.

And may we travel from this moment forward in awareness of our bonds to one another and to the Earth, and in commitment to our communities, wherever they might be.”

“Litany for Healing the Earth”

-U.N. Environmental Sabbath


Deep Autumnal Greetings to you…

What does it mean to include ourselves in the great “seamless garment” of our world?  How does it change us to know that each and every choice that we make (or don’t make) will have an effect on that connected web?  For myself, there is both responsibility and relief in that knowledge.  Responsibility in the form of a necessary inquiry into my actions and non-actions, and relief in the knowledge that I am not acting alone but in concert with billions of other beings.

I yearn to see a world where we humbly honor that connectivity, respond with self awareness and do the hard slow work of collective problem solving and invention…all the while celebrating diversity and numerous different choices within the greater whole.  Is this possible?  I don’t know…

I DO know that I have seen people change, detoxify, get inspired, take self responsibility and move into empowerment.  I have seen people grow older and kinder and wiser.  I have seen young people joyfully live lives that their ancestors could only dream of…I have seen evidence of hope. And I believe in the possibility of a human family that cares deeply for all of it’s members as well as the natural resources that it depends upon.

And I will continue in my own small way to engender the healing and truth telling that that is so desperately needed to pierce through the illusion of separateness.  I will sing a new song and I will listen deeply.  I will be bold and I will dream.

This month I will be visioning with the OTM team, co-teaching our annual Advanced Leadership Intensive in Ojai, teaching in two Yogaworks Teacher Training’s, recording more music for Seane Corn’s Sounds True DVD releases, and celebrating with my Bay Area community over Thanksgiving week.  Early next month, I will be offering the last open workshop of the year at Esalen…a weekend of yoga, singing, movement, ritual and prayer called Rise UP! and I invite you to join me there!

ALSO- signups are on for eight-month long Priestess Apprenticeship in Sacred Leadership in the Bay Area ( with Ravyn Stanfield).  This training will offer tools for creative, relational and intuitive leadership and guide you in becoming a facilitator of rituals that matter for our times.  Please join us!  See below for all the details.

Finally – It is NOT too late to sign up for Seva Challenge Amazon – we are working with  Amazon Watch, Timmy Foundation, Clearwater Project and the Cofan Survival Fund to protect the extremely threatened Rainforest of Ecuador which is being sold for oil exploitation right now.  When these forests are cut down, we literally lose the lungs of the earth (one in every five breaths we breathe is given to us by the Rainforest).  Hundreds of indigenous people have not only lost their livelihood but have become increasingly ill with rare forms of cancer due to illegal oil practices in the area.  Our mission is to spread awareness AND to raise funds for building health care, water treatment and sustainable agriculture in the area.  Come stand with us as we stand with the majestic trees and rivers of the Amazon!

Love and blessings,