Like a Life-Giving Sun

You could become a great horseman

And help to free yourself and this world

Though only if you and prayer become sweet Lovers.

It is a naive man who thinks we are not

Engaged in a fierce battle,

For I see and hear brave foot soldiers

All around me going mad,

Falling on the ground in excruciating pain.


You could become a victorious horsewoman

And carry your heart through this world

Like a life-giving sun


Though only if you and God become sweet Lovers!




Greetings Beloveds

So many folks that I know and love are entering into this winter with a spirit of deep contemplation…finally allowing ourselves to notice the changes that have taken place since the dark of last winter.   Just as the sun melts into the dark of night we too can rest in the rich darkness and use this moment to truly feel how we are shifting and to remember that the light of the Hermetic seeker is lit from within. The light that illuminates the dark cannot be given to us but CAN be invoked by us.

So what is your gift this season?  What spirit of generosity and expression will you call forth and give to those around you during these holidays?  Your silence and stillness, your grief filled tears, your wild singing, your joyful inventions…all are gifts of spirit and can be shared generously.  But be prepared to guard them from the onslaught of mindless consumerism and petty distraction…be prepared to defend them from the traumatized cynic and the controlling conditioned mind.  Be prepared to to be a victorious horseman…and carry your light through this world.  I stand with you!

Just returned from my annual Rise Up! weekend at Esalen which was a flavorful blast of song, dance, yoga and PLAY!  I am always so inspired and humbled by people stepping WAY outside their comfort zones and finding the beautiful art that lives inside of their soul!

The rest of the month finds me teaching at Yogaworks in SF, in the recording studio and grounding the final stages of our Seva Amazon Challenge.  In this year’s Challenge, we are working with  Amazon Watch, Timmy Foundation, Clearwater Project and the Cofan Survival Fund to protect the extremely threatened Rainforest of Ecuador which is being sold for oil exploitation right now.  When these forests are cut down, we literally lose the lungs of the earth (one in every five breaths we breathe is given to us by the Rainforest).  Hundreds of indigenous people have not only lost their livelihood but have become increasingly ill with rare forms of cancer due to illegal oil practices in the area.  Our mission is to spread awareness AND to raise funds for building health care, water treatment and sustainable agriculture in the area.  Please donate and stand  with us as we stand with the majestic trees and rivers of the Amazon!

Finally, I will also be practicing what I preach and doing some deep soul diving to divine what is necessary to keep and what is necessary to release from my life.  May your holy-days be filled with sweet connection and lit from within!



The Vintage Man




Between a good artist

And a great one




The novice

Will often lay down his tool

Or brush


Then pick up an invisible club

On the mind’s table


And helplessly smash the easels and



Whereas the vintage man

No longer hurts himself or anyone


And keeps on