This singing is a kind of dying

a kind of birth, a votive candle.

I have a dream mother

who sings with her guitar

nursing the bedroom with moonlight

and beautiful olives

A flute came too, joining the 5 strings

a God finger over the holes.

I knew a beautiful woman once

who sang with her fingertips

and her eyes were brown like small birds.

At the cup of her breasts, I drew wine.

At the mound of her legs, I drew figs.

She sang for my thirst

mysterious songs of God

that would have bid an army down.

It was as if a morning glory had bloomed in her throat

and all that blue and small pollen

ate into my heart

violent and religious

-Anne Sexton

Greetings to all!  This is the time of year when we feel the quickening of Spring and feel our aliveness wake up and start to sing…can you feel the pulse?  The poem above reminded me that my mother used to sing me to sleep as a child and I am sure that that must have had a profound effect on my own life in music.  I often dedicate music to the Divine Feminine but today I honor all mothers…those who have birthed babies, those who have raised them and those who have birthed Art, Culture and Social Justice.  I especially want to honor the Great Mother in her form as the fecundity and power of the earth itself.  Having recently witnessed firsthand the mindless devastation of one of her greatest creations (the old growth Rainforest in Ecuador), I am filled with a deeper sense of urgency about these times and about our responsibility to be a voice for change.  I will continue to support both Amazon Watch and Clearwater in their Herculean efforts to preserve what is left of the Rainforest, provide clean water to the communities living there and to continue it’s legal attempts to make Chevron accountable for it’s egregious actions.  Please join me in this…

This month I will be finishing the music for the last of 3 new DVD releases from Seane Corn on Sounds True.  The first, “Mind Body Flow” is out and available on Amazon.  The second, “Chakra Flow” will be available in early Fall  and will be accompanied by a CD with select tracks from both DVD’s. The last “Divine Flow” will be available in early 2015.

I will then be heading off to one of my favorite festivals of the year…Lightning in a Bottle which is a cornucopia of live music, live art and good vibes.  I will be teaching an ecstatic yoga, movement and singing class on Sunday morning called “Rise up” and look forward to the communal alchemy there.

The end of the month finds me in NYC for the Yogaworks Teacher Training and then back to the Bay Area for another Priestessing Apprenticeship weekend.

This summer promises numerous adventures including teaching with my friend and mentor Starhawk at Reclaiming’s California Intensive (sorry but this one is sold out), Wanderlust Festivals in Vermont, Lake Tahoe and Whistler Canada, Serendipity Festival, Pranafest and more.

May our songs be fierce and wondrous.