Greetings of the Season / Light in the Darkness

What a year this was…filled with beauty, challenge, heartbreak, and a sharpened sense of what I came into this life to create.  I am continually discovering layers of my commitment to instigating opportunities for collective joy and expression.  It’s what I stand for and what I love.  It’s the reason that I travelled on airplanes almost every weekend this year.   It’s a movement and a necessary revolution from my point of view.  And I am in it all the way.  What will come of it?  I don’t know….but I do know it needs a path.  Some bread crumbs through the woods of confusion and chaos…a light in the darkness.

IMG_4368 IMG_1914My wish for all of us is that we draw forth from within the powerful potency of our own awareness….awareness that quickens us to the evolutionary pulse and awareness that illumines the creative intellect….awareness that allows us to sink into a deeper song and awareness that we are, at the core, curious, playful and kind.  Despite perhaps some evidence to the contrary as illustrated by the growing violence and the unraveling of old patterns of hatred.  Imagine that same intensity of hatred pointed toward peace….pointed toward our innate creativity and given an outlet for expression?  Imagine THAT world!

This year brought me so many places – New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Jakarta, Toronto, Berlin, Scotland, Mexico, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sedona, and many more.  It brought me and the Voice of Change work to festivals and conferences such as:  Yoga Journal, Wanderlust, Muse, Symbiosis, Bioneers, Omega, and Esalen, as well as  to Teacher Trainings at  Yogaworks nationwide, Moksha, Wanderlust and Laughing Lotus.  I continued my work with Off The Mat trainings and Seva Challenge Kenya (with Seane Corn and Hala Khouri), with Globe Sound Healing Institute, and expanded to include guest teaching in a Stanford University Leadership Program.  This year also saw the launch of the Inaugural Voice of Change online training  and the 5th annual Priestess Apprenticeship in Sacred Leadership (with Ravyn Stanfield).  Christopher Krotky and I completed the music for Seane Corn/Sounds True 3DVD release called “Yoga of Awakening”  (with a companion CD), and another solo album of short chants called “Wings.”  Finally, I had some wonderful interviews in Invoke and Mantra magazines and numerous webcasts.

All of that but even more importantly, I learned to take some time to balance all of the DOING with more pristine BEING.  It is a lesson that I am still learning….to honor the stillness and silence as much was the productivity and movement.

As one of my favorite artists, Imogen Heap says:

So let go and jump in
oh well whatcha waiting for ?
it’s alright cuz there’s
beauty in the breakdown

So may the season of darkness take you to your own inner illumined intellect and may that awareness give you strength, patience, compassion and fortitude…the ingredients of hope in action.

With so much love,