May newsletter 2015

Summer newsletter 2015

Happy Summer….hope your summer is bright and sweet so far! As some of you know already, I have been doing some deep healing and have been sharing some of that process on social media.

Many people have been emailing and texting to see if I am alright and I cannot even begin to tell you how much that means to me….to know that I have community that will hold me through the difficult times. As a woman with no children or even partner, the people and communities I love and am part of become my family…and since there are more and more of us in this culture who have chosen to create different lives outside the box of the nuclear family model, we must actively create ways to support each other through life passages: heartbreaks, deaths, illness, as well as joys, triumphs and creativity! Thank you for this reminder that we are all interconnected and can skillfully care for each other.

There were also those who wondered if I am just being a drama queen or wallowing in my own pain when “we all have pain”. To that I say, I am fully aware that we all have pain (and in fact spend my life facilitating the healing of personal/cultural pain) and it is precisely because of that that I made a conscious decision to share some of my pain in this very public forum. I started to realize that in using FB and other social media to share my art and work I was putting forth an image of myself that was always “together” and seemingly without vulnerability or challenge and so was giving the wrong impression altogether.


In my work I am constantly asking others to be vulnerable and started to see that I was not sharing that aspect of myself. I want to show that although my life is amazing, it is also filled with doubt and fears and heartbreaks….and that those experiences are just as important, perhaps even more growth filled than the joyful ones.

I just launched a new aspect of my life work called Voice of Change, while at the same time I am healing a broken heart from a painful breakup. It is probably no accident that the two are happening simultaneously. I have declared that I will be and am a VOC and so I am being asked to step into new levels of truth telling and integrity. I am also looking at who I have been and allowing old habits and patterns of being to fall away so that I can be present and available to more profound levels of service and joy. It feels like a snake shedding skin (ouch) and I am in the midst of it right now. I thank Goddess for the many wonderful healers, coaches and friends who I deeply rely on.

I know that many of you are also feeling the intensity of personal shedding concurrent with the intensity of the times we are living in. So….deep breaths and songs of courage and a committment from me to you that I will keep showing up in this way and asking for help when I need it and ACCEPTING that help and offering it to you when you are courageous enough to ask it of me.

Let’s walk with each other through this crazy time with our hearts open and our tears flowing and our feet solidly planted in the soil of community.

Thank you thank you thank you 13 thank yous!