Greetings Dear ones,
I hope you are well.  It seems that now more than ever we need to double down on the daily practices that reconnect us to wonder, purpose and curiosity.
There is so much healing work to do and we need all of that unfettered creativity to get through this.
  • Do not contract or shut down.
  • Find a way to break through into the new song

I will meet you there!

The Chorus in the Eye
Your eye has a melody we want to hear. God rises from a tuned instrument.
The sun and moon will gladly wear robes and sway as playful children
when the teacher directs light
Hafiz, could you slip magic into sounds
Then pour them into the earth’s bruised ear?
Hafiz, could you whisper the luminous
close to each wayfarer’s body
And let the whole world know
about the Beloved’s True nature?
Yes, dear ones, I can
Listen to one of my favorite words
that the Friend too is always saying to us:
Mashuq, Mashuq  (sweetheart)
The chorus in the heart needs to sing.
Love is sovereign and ceaselessly moves
From the tuned clay drum,
Chanting, humming all day long, Mashuq**,
Mashuq to everything.