what do you feel? 
how do you respond when you are uncomfortable?
how do you respond when you are in danger?
what do you feel? 
are the conversations you are having difficult?
are they nuanced?
can you hold space for many viewpoints and expressions?
can you hold paradox and still move forward?
how do you feel?
what has been under the surface and is just now making itself known? 

harm to another is harm to the whole.  harm to self is harm to the whole.

these times are calling us to sit still within our own lives in a way that we may have never experienced before.  these times are calling us to discern that which we know in our hearts while also opening to the experience and wisdom of others and changing our opinions.  these times are asking us to examine our actions and how they impact the whole….the whole of the earth and the whole of humanity.  these times are asking us to take responsibility for our lives within the great interconnected web of life.

so how are you meeting these times?  can you use this time to be both inspired and brave?  can you stay resourced while being stretched to find your voice and use it to not only initiate conversations of change but also use it to create connection and healing?  can you listen deeply?  can you reach out and build relationship with those who are not like you?  can you do this with deep respect, humility and love?

this is my own inquiry and I offer spaces for this inquiry and this connection.