Greetings and warm wind blessings,

I have just returned from a deep and very activating pilgrimage to Crete where I spent time in ancient temples offering prayers and rituals for the healing of the world.

This was no nostalgic historical fantasy trip but a real time living prayer to a place that actively held peace for over 2000 years.  A place where there was, no doubt, conflict but no wars waged for over a century.  A place that, perhaps as a direct result of peace time, exploded with outrageous and stunning art from every corner: temples, sculptures, vessels, jewelry, paintings.  A remarkable testament to a culture that worshipped the Divine Feminine principle of a living earth and where women held esteemed positions of spiritual leadership.  I traveled there with the express wish to focus in that powerful place on the world that we inhabit today.

This world that is breaking my heart as the violence and hatred rise to the surface and explode with a shattering that sounds like glass.  This world that is being destroyed in a manic race toward some hoped for /dreaded armageddon lust.  Yes, there is so much work to do…healing, mobilizing, organizing and stemming the tides of hatred as they boil to the surface….but if I cannot imagine and even perhaps feel deeply the potential for true peace and authentic creativity, then I cannot hold the vision of the world that I wish to inhabit.  Staying true to course I am anchoring here in the steady heartbeat prayer that becomes my declaration and my song.