Greetings…as I write this I am deep in the woods of Indiana preparing for the opening ceremony at Serendipity (oh happy accident!) Festival and musing about muses (or daemons as ancient cultures liked to call our creative helpers).  Having just spent a week in the woods of Northern California at an intensive with some of my favorite creative individuals, I am struck by the thought that creativity most often happens in the in between moments of our lives…while we are waiting for other, more planned events the divine trickster allies sneak in with new ideas and bits of song, and we must be ready at all times to free the imagination and capture the inspiration.  My favorite moment is when (after planting the seed of intention), my mind will suddenly be flooded with images and solutions bubbling up from the underneath…it gives me faith in the power of the subconscious.   So if there is hidden power there, how can we plant and cultivate seeds more effectively in the collective field?

Last month was a full on immersion into the festival circuit with some fabulous moments (see pics below) and this month continues the trend.  First here at Serendipity Festival…then onto Wanderlust Tahoe (many classes sold out so sign up now!) and Wanderlust Whistler in Canada.  Also, on July 22 at 10am I will be participating in The Future of Yoga Telesummit produced by The Shift Network.  Seane Corn, Hala Khouri and myself will be discussing yoga and activism as part of the evolution of the yoga community.

Plus!  We have officially launched the Voice of Change Initiative and website…the VOC online training will be launched in October and I am thrilled with this new evolution and culmination of my body of work. Here is all of the details…please participate by sending us a pic and description about why/how YOU are a voice of change….

Finally, I have just printed a new CD called Wings – Simple Chants for Everyday Rituals with some of your favorite chants (in English) to be used for collective and participatory rituals.  There are 23 short chants with simple arrangements and harmonies so that you can use them for your own communities.   MORE NEW MUSIC COMING SOON!

So I hope to see you in classes and on dance floors this summer…heating it up and transforming the internal and external doom monger voices with a blast of white hot soul light collective soul song that is irrefutable and irresistible!!!!


love Suzanne