Voice of Change is a global initiative and training program designed to support you in living and speaking your authentic truth and in becoming a voice for those who have no voice. In the face of a world that can shut us down and shut us up, becoming a Voice of Change is an act of courage and confidence. It is in the times of most crisis that the world needs each of us to stand in our uniqueness and speak up for truth, beauty and justice. Voice of Change invites our embodied truth to become our message, our medicine and our direct action.

During the VOC Initiative Launch, we will be asking you to step forward and take the pledge…tell us why and how you are a Voice of Change in the world…send us your picture and story and join others who are pledging to raise their voice “on purpose”.

To learn more go to Voice of Change and fill out a simple form.

AND Take the pledge!

Go to Twitter: @VOCssterling

Find VOC on FB: VOCwithsuzannesterling

Share you story with a twitpic and be sure to use the hashtag #voiceofchange and/or #singyourselfawake