Welcome to my new website! I created this new site with you in mind because I wanted to give you more opportunities to be in conversation with me and with each other. My desire is to spark an intelligent conversation about living fully, creating art, ritual and community, joyful service and embodying empowerment, and I want to get this information/conversation about art, self expression, and empowerment out into the world in some very alive ways.

Here you will find access to my 2013 Calendar of events, monthly newsletters, all music (streaming and downloadable) and any recent articles, blogs, and videos.

I am inspired to make 2013 a year where I not only synthesize and communicate my own experiences and body of work, but where I find out from my community what is needed in order for all of us to LIVE OUR PASSION. In addition to my regular schedule of teaching/performing and activism projects, this year I will be releasing a number of new albums, co-writing a book on ritual and recording instructional videos for YOU to use. I will also be blogging about the philosophies and methodologies that both myself and Off The Mat, Into the World are creating in order to bring more of our deepest inner spiritual work and growth out into the world at large.

It is TIME! It is time for our voices to be heard. It is time for us to stop hiding, waiting for perfection, waiting for permission. Time for us to take risks, try new languages, practices, tools and ways of being that help us understand our connection to all living beings, embody our passions and know that we can live consciously in every moment of our lives. It’s TIME!