If you don’t like the news…go out and make some of your own.
– Wes Nisker on KSAN radio

“Our movements are trying to create a politics that challenges all the certainties of traditional leftist politics, not by replacing them with new ones, but by dissolving any notion that we have answers, plans or strategies that are universal.  In fact our strategies must be more like water itself, undermining everything that is fixed, hard and rigid with fluidity, constant movement and evolution.  We are trying to build a politics of process, where the only certainty is doing what feels right at the right time and in the right place…its the politics of the here and now.  When we are asked how are we going to build a new world, our answer is, “We don’t know, but let’s build it together.”
– John Jordan quoted by Rebecca Solnit in her book, Hope in the Dark

You and I – all of us- have a great deal of work to do. But it is not to be arduous. It is to be pleasure. Stop at the very moment the pleasure leaves you and say, “What have I forgotten?” And if you are centered and in truth the answer will be, “Oh. I have forgotten that I am God.” Then you will take that remembering back into your human experience and you will dance again. And we in spirit will dance with you.– from Emmanuel’s Book

Greetings Beloveds,

Here we are in midsummer of a year of deep unrest, rising racism and violence and a more immediate need for action based in embodied and conscious spirituality.  I am more convinced than ever that the work that many of us have been doing to heal ourselves, stop the cycles of violence that we inherited, take responsibility for our complicity in the state of the world and move forward with courage and creativity is crucial.

I am so blessed to have worked with many teachers, colleagues and peers who are boldly and steadfastly doing this work of finding well being, balance and hope and then sharing this wisdom fearlessly.  The ripple effect of this rising tide of healers, writers, artists, ritualists, yogis, and transformational leaders is moving swiftly and effecting many.  We are collectively shifting culture within the realms of social justice/restorative justice, environmental justice, anti-racism and multicultural understanding, the arts, spiritual movements, political advocacy and policy creation, education and all manner of healing communities and modalities.  

It is an epic moment and yet….it is time for us to be EVEN BOLDER!  Bolder by speaking even more truth, more radical self care, more challenging conversations in a context of deep compassion, less holier than thou tearing each other down, more self responsibility,  more collective visioning, less “projected onto others” anger and panicking and more softening into grief and connection.  You get the picture….lets meet each other in the classes, workshops, festivals and protests with a bow of recognition and a dose of wild expression!

In August I will be offering a week long Voice of Change Yoga Immersion at Oregon Eclipse Festival.  I will be co-teaching with Mark Morford who is one of my favorite writers and an incredible yoga teacher.  We also have live musicians to help bring the magic.  We are thrilled to be creating this week of yoga, singing, movement, writing and activism and will be filming some of the week to share with you.  The Immersion is sold out but there are still a few tickets left for this epic Festival.  I will also be offering Sacred Leadership and Awakening the Serpent classes during the Festival as well as an open to the public Voice of Change Ritual immediately after the eclipse on the 21st!  I hope to see you there!

Then I’m off to Omega Institute for the first of our 2017 Yoga, Purpose and Action Intensives with Off The Mat.  We have another of these in Kansas City in September and one in California at 1440 in December.  In other OTM news, I will be teaching  Voice of Change class at our fundraising Danceathon at Wanderlust Studio LA on October 1st! 

For those of you who want access to the Voice of Change Training or would like to go deeper into this work there are two options:

1)   The next Voice of Change six week ONLINE training starts September 6th. This is the third annual Voice of Change Online Training (sponsored with Off The Mat) and am very much looking forward to this training.  We cover many aspects of becoming a voice of change including:
… ways to heal the deep seated patterns and stories that keep you silent and invisible
…uncovering the soul of expression that lives inside you and celebrating your creativity and artistry in powerful ways
…Taking steps to become an effective agent of change – using self expression, ritual and community building to support social justice and creative evolution.

2)  Voice of Change Facilitator Training begins in early 2018.   This is an opportunity for a deep one on one mentorship with Suzanne and you will become a fully certified Voice of Change trainer.  Please email Suzanne if you are interested.

Finally – The next year long Priestess Apprenticeship in Sacred Leadership with Gerri Ravyn Stanfield starts on the East Coast in early 2018.  This will be our tenth training in ritual arts and leadership and we are thrilled to be bringing it to the East Coast! 

May your work be the work that connects, educates, includes and ignites!