Greetings Revolutionaries, Life Lovers, Change Makers,

I hope that you are loving yourself well as you move in this world in these times.  I hope that you are being truth in ways that liberate aIl beings.  I  hope that when the darkness threatens to swallow you,  you reach out and say HELP.  I hope that when some glimpse of wisdom  finds it’s way to you, you are able to anchor it in your bones and move with a luminous sense of hope….if only for a moment.

Let’s be lighthouses for each other. Let’s call out the roadmap as we blaze the trails.  Let’s stay awake, hold each other in our raw times and lift each other up with kindness and with simple moments of joy.

This month I am off to create deep rituals for social change with my beloved peers in Reclaiming Tradition.  I have been co-teaching in this ecstatic, inclusive, patriarchy and systemic oppression busting tradition for over 25 years and my colleagues in this work are some of the most powerful folks I know.  Now more than ever, we need rituals that build connection and community and I am grateful for this collective wisdom.

Then continuing the thread, I’m back at the community yoga space Anasa Yoga Oakland for an Art of Ritual workshop July 7.  Then off to LA for a co-led Yoga and Ritual workshop July 15 with Sonja Drakulich – an incredible singer and priestess with deep roots in globe spanning ancestral songs!  Then on up to Canada for an Elements of Magic workshop on Salt Spring Island August 4/5.

We have moved the August Off The Mat Yoga Purpose and Action Intensive to Yogatree Telegraph in Berkeley August 15-19 so if you have been wanting to attend this life changing week, now is the time.  We offer many scholarships so check it out!

So much more to come this summer and beyond.  Stay tuned and stay luminous.