Suzanne returns to her mid-West Yoga home for a FULL experiential weekend of workshop and a rockin’ Kirtan.

Friday-Sun: Aug 14-16


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Freedom Riders: Hips and Hearts
Friday Aug 14 ~ 6:30-9pm

Explore your own authentic path to change through breath, asana and flow, gently letting go of heartbreak and holding patterns that are keeping you from living fully and loving deeply. Through a combination of grounding and anchoring vinyasa flow sequences, deep hip openers and gentle yet comprehensive backbends, as well as a unique process of self inquiry and self expression, students will discover how to release the stories of the past that keep us from playing big. As you explore the art of forgiveness, you can discover a way to move forward that is rooted in the present and will leave inspired to live on purpose and in joy.

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Be the Change: Finding Your Voice, Expressing Your Purpose
Saturday Aug 15 ~ 10am-1pm

 Embark on a transformational journey of provocative self-inquiry and creative exploration to uncover your deepest passion and motivation for service that leads to embodied, effective, and conscious action.

Combining the tools of yoga, meditation, process work, voice, and ritual with the practical tools of communication, organizing, and collaborating, you learn to become more effective leaders and agents of change in the world.

Through dynamic asana and interactive engagement, students will explore what it means to embody all that we value and stand for. As we move through a full series of vinyasa flow warmups, standing poses, balance poses and closing poses, we will play and explore our edges- the limitations/fears that keep us hidden, as well as the opportunities/strengths needed to stand in purpose. The practice will provide a deep investigation into each student’s gifts, motivations and challenges as they become more conscious of their actions on and off the mat.

• Discover the mind-body connection and how the body holds and reveals all experiences
• Learn to work in environments of suffering and trauma in a healthy and sustainable way
• Release limiting beliefs and step into unabashed expressions of purpose and joy
• Liberate the power of voice as a tool for evolution and service
• Connect deeply with the state of the world and discover your most effective path to service
• Activate your purpose, engage in collaboration, and connect with your community

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Higher Ground Kirtan ~ Saturday Aug 15

Part tent revival, part rock show, all Bhakti, Suzanne Sterling has been called “A musical priestess, who brilliantly weaves lyric, melody and rhythm into a magical spell that entrances us to discover the sacred song within our own heart.” (Seane Corn).

Her current concerts and Kirtans are a thoroughly modern exploration of devotional music and have been known to have an audience on their feet in a matter of minutes. She has been called a soulful and groove-loving musical priestess – refining and reinventing the ancient traditions of ecstatic prayer through the voice.

Suzanne is a long time Kirtan wallah who brings a modern, improvisational and deeply spiritual interpretation to this ancient art form. Guaranteed to lift your heart, enliven your voice and enrich your yoga and life.

Come and Sing Yourself AWAKE! 

Voice of Change: Find Your Voice, Speak Your Truth
Sunday Aug 16 ~ 10am-1pm

 Do you yearn to stand in your power and speak your truth? ? Is it time to listen to the poetry of your own soul and the wisdom of your sacred intuition? Would you like to take your spiritual work out into the world in embodied, compassionate, and active ways?

Dive into this ecstatic immersion into the heart of soulful self-expression and discover your ability to live, express and embody your truth. Through the practices of vinyasa flow yoga, conscious dance, self inquiry and chanting/ singing, you will develop ways to heal deep seated patterns of silence and uncover the soul of expression that lives inside you. The practice will focus on specific sequences designed to release long held traumas in the 5th chakra. We will learn the ancient art of bridging sound and asana as we move through powerful standing postures, liberating balance postures and voice activating backbends. As you release, listen and find your voice, you will then be supported in taking steps to become an effective agent of change – using self expression to support social justice and creative evolution. Voice of Change invites our embodied truth to become our message, our medicine and our direct action.

Be a Voice of Change.