Full newsletter for February

After an incredible time teaching at Wanderlust New Zealand and then offering a two day Intensive to the Off The Mat New Zealand community,  I am presently in Australia…staying in a gorgeous house outside Sydney and doing lots of hiking, writing and meditating.

As those of you who read these monthly missives may know, I am going through lots of inner changes…letting go of so much of my self concepts and plans…just following the inner compass which in this moment is telling me to release all that I know and to go out every day into the woods and sit still with the Kookaburras…very special birds they are!

As I am resting and receiving the good graces of the earth and sea here, I can feel  some ancient wounds and heartbreaks healing.   It is not easy and sometimes painful but having been through a few skin sheddings before, I know that it will eventually pass.  In that vein I almost got bit by a black snake yesterday…she was sitting in the middle of the path but I didn’t see her until we were both rearing up and backing away.  YIKES!  But I took it as a sign that I am on the right path and doing the invisible but rewarding work of the soul.

Next up I will be offering a two day OTM Intensive in Sydney and then onto Wanderlust Australia where I will be offering classes, a Voice of Change Speakeasy and performing a downtempo set of tunes with my old chum Chris Deckker of Medicine Drum and Earthdance fame.  It’s been a while since I performed live and I am looking forward to dusting off the dance tracks!

Then it’s onto Bliss Wellness Yoga in Jakarta Indonesia and then Bend Oregon for the annual MUSE Conference empowering girls and women with some Voice of Change inspiration!

All details on my calendar.