Photo by Robin Clark

Warning: Gratitude Slam

People often ask me, how did you get to where you are today? Translation: what circumstances caused you to become such an unconventional creature? As I have made it to another birthday and look at my wild ride of a life, I realize it is true. I am an outside the box 53 year old child free single woman who owns nothing and lives out of a suitcase. I have had a number of concurrent and simultaneous careers (theatre, dance, music, yoga, ritual, activism), some great and some challenging relationships, some epic creations and collaborations, and am only just getting started! I could, and often do, feel the utter heartbreak of these times in which we live. I could, and no doubt will in the future, focus on the ways in which the world needs our care right now. I could, with my five planets in virgo, see my life through the lens of deep critique and focus on the ways in which I have been disappointed….or I could open the aperture and see with gratitude. So here we go.

I come from a long line of progressive ancestors and activists. I have not had to go against the moral or religious grain of my family. Although, as many of you know, my childhood was rife with chaos, addiction and abuse, I was also exposed to co-counseling and community at a very early age. I was encouraged to follow my art. Challenging circumstance led me to move out at an early age and that also taught me a great deal of resilience and independence. I am grateful to my sister Carey for being one of my best friends and my mom Kit for her example in following your growth.

For my alternative education and initiation into spiritual pathways, I am grateful to the Community School and Chuck Bush. For my art and movement journey I am grateful to the Young Peoples School for Performing Arts, many dance teachers and yoga teachers including Judith Lassater, Maty Ezraty, Annie Carpenter and more. For the absolute joy of my 30 year musical journey I have great gratitude to many musical collaborators, especially Christopher Krotky (who has produced almost all of my albums, Joe Diehl, Alex Newman, Kali’s Angels and many more who played with me on stages, in studios and beyond.

I am so blessed to have found the Reclaiming community of ritualists at the young age of 20 and to have been teaching with some of the finest and smartest humans I know, including mentors Starhawk, Rose May Dance, and collaborators Ravyn, Urania, Alphonsus, Sefora, Seraphina, Laura, Beverly and many many more. 30 years of ritual, magic, activism and art! I am SO grateful for the ways in which this work is a significant part of all that I do. I am also grateful for the Bay Area artist/activist community and the Thanksgiving community which have informed my work and my play deeply and joyfully.

I am profoundly grateful for the 15 year collaboration with Seane Corn (so many adventures!) and Hala Khouri and the entire Off The Mat community. We have come together as friends and been part of a powerful movement that continues to evolve and I am excited to see what gets co-created next!

I am grateful for the great loves of my life…particularly the ones who have passionately loved me and the ones who have challenged me the most. You know who you are and I thank you:)

I am also grateful for the emerging and exciting Voice of Change community and facilitators in training…including Nicky West, Lisa Nixon, and Noelle Picara for continually reminding me of the power and necessity of this work in this time. I am grateful for my long time assistant April who is a joy and my bestie Lynn who is a thread of care and depth in my day to day.

If you have been a part of my life journey and I did not include you here….please forgive me and know that I love you.

I can honestly say that I am grateful for the adventure and the magic of this life….and I will do all within my power to stay wild, weird, loving, awake and creative on behalf of the evolution of all beings everywhere.

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