IMG_1668As I write this I am about to head off into the redwoods for a week of myth, ritual and spiritual activism with a community that I have been a part of for almost 30 years.  Within this inclusive, evolving eco-feminist community, collectively called The Reclaiming Tradition, I have been collaborating on transformational ritual for social change with some of the smartest, most powerful artists, activists and healers that I know. I have traveled and taught at these intensives in the US and abroad and my work with this community has been influential in my own workshops, performances and teaching elsewhere. 

Why then have I not mentioned it more?  Because the world did not embrace ritual as a necessary part of modern living and especially as an important part of the social justice movement until very recently…even though ritual has been part of the social justice movement fabric for decades…it is just now becoming part of the larger conversation.  Those of you who have worked with me know that I have been very vocal about the need to reintroduce meaningful ritual into our lives and work but I as I see the words ritual and priestess gain more and more popularity, I am inclined to speak up about the fact that there is a diverse group of people who have been doing strong, collaborative and collective work creating ritual and priestessing social change for a long time….and they (we) do it with integrity.  Part of the integrity is grounded in the collaborative, consensus based process that illustrates a sharing of power and otherwise refutes the normative leadership/hero worship structures that much of our culture is based upon.

It is also work that speaks to the parts of us that are so hungry for meaning, connection, inspiration and PLAY!  The kind and texture of community that coalesces around connection, meaning and creativity is profound and can create the necessary foundation for real social change.  We are awakened to our connection to all beings and the great web of life and then we are inspired to work to protect that web from harm. The world is in a deep crisis and we need real connection more than ever.   YES.

IMG_1392So….if you are interested in this work, please let me know.  I will be offering many more workshops about ritual for our times including my annual year long Priestessing Apprenticeship in Sacred Leadership with Ravyn Stanfield (next training begins November 2016 in the Bay Area).

I just returned from the wonderful Mind Body Festival in Istanbul and a pilgrimage to the island of Crete. I visited the Healing Temple of Asclepius (where sound healing was the norm!), the Knossos Temple (home of the snake Priestesses) and the cave of the Sophia (Goddess of Wisdom).  It was profound and very healing for me personally and I intend to lead groups there in 2017.  Stay tuned! 

Next up:  This week of Magic, Myth and Ritual with the Reclaiming Tradition.  Then onto Reykjavik Iceland to help co-create ritual for a performance called “Of Light” which is “a durational incantation of celestial rhythm, performed almost entirely in darkness, enveloping the audience in sound from all sides.”  I will be working with Samantha Shay and a team of incredible performers on this piece and am excited to see what we can create in the magic of Iceland.  After that, I travel to Northern California for a workshop and Kirtan at Enchanted Forest Festival!  In August I will be teaching Yoga, Purpose and Action Intensive at Shambala Institute in Colorado with Hala Khouri and Seane Corn and then will be on an intensive writing retreat to round out the month. 

Hope to see you and sing with you soon!