…well you aughta be outraged
You oughtta be outrageously outraged.
For outrage is the fierce wild unequivocal love
That burns in a wolf-mother’s eyes.
It is the feral opposite of shame
Devouring deception in its crackling flames.

It is the stone that sharpens swords to pierce illusion, 

it’s the force that parts the morning’s curtains

flooding the world with fresh horizons. 

Outrage is a potent spell to summon belief in the face of disgrace:

It is a howl of empathy with all the lives whose tongues are tied.

Sweetheart: dig through the ruins of our shared yesterdays:

Witch burnings. Blitzkriegs. Gas Chambers. Firebombs. 

There are cinders among these ashes:

Stir up your remembering. Blow life into that ruckus.

…Let outrage unleash your cantankerous truth
Let it spill off your tongue like sacramental wine.
Allow it to propel you out of your chair, and into the world—
May sparks of outrage guide you out of cold indifference
Toward’s compassion’s crimson glow.

Sound your outrageous yawp, like a trumpet peal
To rouse honour from its sleep and slap devotion into roaring life. 

Andrea Palframan 2017

These are outrageous times and we are being asked to step into outrageous action rooted in a love for the sacredness of all life.  Our world needs us to get smarter and fiercer and more alive with tools for healing and justice.  Sometimes we burn with the fire of anger, sometimes the depths of our compassion are called upon….and sometimes we must simply rest and restore ourselves and our communities.  

If you are listening and being drawn by your own fierce love, consider joining me for my next Sacred Leadership Training with Ravyn Stanfield….a year long and in depth training for those seeking to step into relational and intuitive leadership.  We have been hosting this training for over 10 years and have seen many wonderful collaborative leaders emerge. 

Or if you feel the call of your deeper voice and know that you need some skills and tools to step into your truth telling and vocal power, join me for my annual Online Voice of Change 6 week course.  A deep dive into healing what holds your self expression back and why it is crucial for us to use our voices for creative power.  

Also upcoming:  

Yoga, Purpose and Action Intensive at Omega Institute: our final training of 2019!

Asheville Yoga Festival:  yoga, singing, activism, ritual and more!!!

Elements of Magic: learn the basics of creating ritual and amplifying your superpowers!    

What is Sacred Leadership?

Sacred leadership can be collaborative, cooperative, and a force for true change. Staying silent is the opposite of brave. Where can you speak up, support the most vulnerable of us? Reclaiming your voice can be terrifying, but you don’t have to do it alone.

We must learn to lead in a way that that leverages privilege to boost voices traditionally not given a lot of air time. It is our responsibility to move into a deeper relationship with our ancestral spiritual traditions, and also create inclusive, multicultural ritual that unites disparate communities behind shared intentions.

Sacred leadership does not shrink from the unraveling of racism, sexism, classism and the multiplicity of ways humans harm and exclude each other. These times are demanding we do our part to make social justice based rituals that are ecstatic, non-binary, and evolutionary. In this training, we grow our capacity to hold people in transformation, learn from our mistakes, mediate conflicts, and create  meaningful rituals that serve all beings. We share what is so painful and exciting about being alive right now. We remember what is worth fighting for and what qualities leaders need in the real world to bring The Great Turning to life.