This life.

I was on tv at age five.  I played Juliet twice.  I lived alone in a small cabin by the sea at age 16.  I’ve had my heart broken more times than I can count. I have been stalked twice and almost raped 3 times. I have never been married.  I have sung with communities all over the world.  I’ve stood for equal pay in every arena in which I have worked.  I’ve had deeply magical adventures and mundane problems.  I’ve lived a full life and had a strong impact.  I’ve felt deeply held and terrifyingly alone.

This world.  Sometimes it lights me up with the fire of love. Sometimes I become the “fury of light”.  I blaze and I keep on going.  I keep showing up in the way that only I can do.   And I’m not dead yet:)

So there is more to do and more to be.  And a book.  I am writing a book…with all the stories.  I look forward to sharing it with you.

Meanwhile, there are so many ways for us to connect.

In person:

June 8-12 San Francisco – Globe Sound Healing Institute

June 13-16 Boulder CO – Hanuman Festival

June 23-30 Northern CA – Reclaiming Ritual Intensive

July 20/21 New York – Yogaworks Teacher Training

July 22-26 New York – OTM Yoga, Purpose and Action Intensive at Omega Institute

July 26-28 North Carolina – Asheville Yoga Festival


Sept 10-26 Voice of Change online course

Join me…use your voice….your voice is crucial…say YES.