Greetings from the front lines of my deep inner life Winter working. As 2016 begins to dance it’s way toward Spring, and as my travel and teaching schedule resumes its normal pace, I am doing my best to stay internal and keep asking the right questions:

What kind of world do I truly want to live in?
How am I dreaming and invoking this world into being?
Am I listening more than I am speaking?
Am I allowing for previously unimagined possibilities to emerge?
Am I co-creating with stellar and innovative allies?

images-1As I launch Voice of Change into the world I am impassioned to engage in the work of:

expressing and embodying truth
reclaiming and celebrating creativity
healing the deep seated personal/cultural stories that keep us silent
using authentic voice as a tool for social justice and creative evolution

…and in order to truly live into this work, I need to keep digging deeper into my own stories, truths, and expressions. The world is poised on a pinpoint of balance and could tip into utter destruction or mind blowing creative solutions at any moment. I want to be a voice for change that is honorable, practical, outrageous and a little crazy/wild/fun.

IMG_9640This month finds me heading back to one of my favorite places in the world – Australia! I will be offering a one day workshop in Sydney on March 19th and then teaching a weeklong Intensive with Cloudcatcher…an Australian Reclaiming Community. Then I’m off to perform with DJ Taz, Daphne Tse, John Dekadt and more at BaliSpiritFest in Ubud Bali. In April, I be teaching at YogaWorks Teacher Trainings in NYC and LA….as well as continuing with my year long Priestess Apprenticeship in Sacred Leadership which this year is meeting monthly in Portland. If you are interested in the PASL, the next year long training will meet monthly in the Bay Area and begins in November 2016. I am also continuing my work with Globe Sound Healing Institute where I am helping to create a sound healing curriculum for Montessori education.


Finally, the next VOICE OF CHANGE online training ( a six week series) begins April 26th and is being hosted by Off The Mat. This is truly my life passion and I am excited to share this work online and with the OTM community. See below for all the details and check out OTM’s online trainings – including the online version of our life changing Yoga, Purpose and Action Training.

The Voice of Change community begins with this online training and we will be offering much more (including 6 month in depth trainings, and mentorships) so stay tuned.

Big love,