This is to greet you in this very dark winter when there is so much confusion.
This is to say to you….keep your flame lit and burning
Do whatever you must to stay with us and to keep it simple
There is more here than meets the eye and our one great task is to walk the path of love
fierce love 
gentle love 
boundaried love 
love that forgives but does not forget
come with me into this dark forest and 
remember the ways of singing the light awake in the night
with our dangerous holy voices
take nothing at face value yet cultivate innocence 
listen for instructions from the wise one within
I will stand up with you and tell the story that must be told
we will become the bright remembering

Hello humans,

Things are slowing down for the winter and for the long hibernation.  My prayer is that each of us finds our way to deep listening and connection with beloveds in this time of separation.  You are not alone. 

I look forward to our in person meetings and until then, I will see you on the wireless web of waves of information!