On Instagram a few months ago I posted a video of myself sitting in my car and screaming.

I wanted to illustrate the way in which screaming is an appropriate response to the changes and challenges happening in the world right now.  I also wanted to show that as an intensely emotional person, there are certain daily practices that I rely on to keep me alive, awake and healthy.  They help me to move away from the fear, depression or anger that keeps me imprisoned and moving toward visionary change with my life force and emotional intelligence intact.

My daily practice consists of yoga, calisthenics for core and hip stability, dance, cardio and SOUND.  Releasing emotion and stress through the body is key to health and wellness and sound expression is one of the most important tools in this process.

A healthy voice is one that can rinse, release, soothe, amplify our life force and ultimately be an unabashed expression of our innate creativity.

What is your daily practice moving through you?

How can you include sound as part of your daily practice?

Please share your thoughts below!