Dear Humans,

Voices are rising.  Individuals and communities that have been silenced are speaking out and making change.  We need to break the silence, and learn the skills of grounded truth telling with evolutionary art and action that helps to craft a new world.  Voice of Change calls us here. 

The Voice of Change Method is a comprehensive system of releasing blocks to self-expression.   It is designed to develop and strengthen our ability to live, express, and embody our truth and use that ability to stand for personal and systemic change.  Weaving together a number of modalities including sound, story, movement and ritual, the VOC journey holds at its center the understanding that we are all hard-wired for self-expression and can heal our personal, collective and ancestral trauma through art, creativity and community.

Join Suzanne for this in-depth training and shift into boldly getting your message out into the world.  All are welcome and HIGHLY encouraged to attend the sessions live. You do not need previous experience to participate.

You will learn:
*how self-expression is key to healing trauma
*how embodying our truth can lead to a more joyful life
* how to unlock your creative potential and find the self-expression that fits you best
* to understand and heal the core traumas that keep you protected but shut down
* the science of sound healing as well as how to use your own voice as a tool for empowerment
* how to remove blocks to power & confidence and get your message into the world
*how to use words and songs to awaken, heal, and build community
*how to use your voice to support your work in affecting systemic change

Now is the time!  See you there!
Oct 19 -30 Voice of Change six session online course
M, W, F over two weeks.
Time: 3-4p PT/6-7p ET
Cost: $180-380


I am a Voice of Change