I am now available for personal mentoring sessions.


This is one of my favorite ways to deepen into the work so if you are ready to step into an ongoing relationship of inspiration and accountability, join me!

Topics could include:

Voice and Self Expression
Voice and sound healing – healing from trauma, reclaiming your voice and living into your unique self expression

Voice technique – empowerment techniques for singing and speaking both onstage and off

Collective song – using ancient and modern chants and songs to build community


Ritual Arts:
Basic ritual skills for personal work – transform stagnant patterns, develop creative devotional practices, work with Deity, story and rites of passage


Advanced magical techniques including trance, deeper devotional practice with Deity, aspecting and divination, clearing and protection, and crafting rituals for groups


Voice of Change Facilitator Training and Sacred Leadership:
Individual and collaborative ways to use ritual and voice work to build community and support social justice and creative evolution.

If you are interested in  becoming a certified Voice of Change Facilitator, then we would begin with an assessment of your skills and needs and then create a protocol for you to follow that will build your skill set and fill in any places that feel tentative.  I will give you homework and exercises to work on in between sessions and you will checkin with me about how they go. Then at the end of the time, we will discuss how you can take the work out into the world more effectively.  This will include learning about the science of sound, history of sound, trauma healing, self care, how to create containers and powerful experiences involving sound and ritual and ways to support others healing through sound and the voice.  
If you simply want mentoring in your current work and teaching, we can discuss that.  I offer a container of holding your goals and intentions and supporting you in making them into reality.  This could include a similar assessment and checkins with homework suited to your particular work that will challenge you to take risks and step into your unique leadership. 
Please email me to set up an appointment or session.

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