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Poetry! For some inspiration…

Suzanne wanted to share some inspiration!  “We might feel that somehow we should try to eradicate these feelings of pleasure and pain, loss and gain, praise and blame, fame and disgrace.  A more practical approach would be to get to know them, see how they hook... read more

Suzanne’s summer message!

Happy Summer….hope your summer is bright and sweet so far! As some of you know already, I have been doing some deep healing and have been sharing some of that process on social media. Many people have been emailing and texting to see if I am alright and I cannot even... read more

Excited to be a part of The Yoga Day Summit.

Joining with Yoga leaders to honor and celebrate the International Day of Yoga on Sunday, June 21. The Summit  is a free 8-hour online webcast that will explore the world of yoga from its ancient roots to the modern day. Sign up today! A video to highlight the... read more

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