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Suzanne’s End of the Year Message!

Greetings of the Season / Light in the Darkness What a year this was…filled with beauty, challenge, heartbreak, and a sharpened sense of what I came into this life to create.  I am continually discovering layers of my commitment to instigating opportunities for... read more

Truth and Creativity

November newsletter Happy Autumnal Greetings to you, I love heading into the deepening light of Autumn after a full and art filled summer.  The colors surround us and the indigo blue wraps it’s arms around us earlier and earlier in the day.  The contrast of... read more

A Strange Feather

September/October Newsletter A Strange Feather All The craziness, All the empty plots All the ghosts and fears All the grudges and sorrows have Now Passed. I must have inhaled A Strange Feather That finally Fell Out ~ Hafiz   *************** Hello and happy... read more

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